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Oce 9400 error codes
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Oce 9400 error codes & adjustments

401 is for Exposure Lamp 7050, 7051, 7055





Adjust scanner .... on program .... SD PRINTHEAD, Horizontal or Vertical


error code 2207 oce 9400.  Bias connector ... or HV board


  1. Thank's for taking the time to write marathon,
    but I'm not too sure what that means.
    Does it mean that there's too much toner in the toner container?
    Does it mean there's toner in a place that there shouldn't be any toner?
    Do I have to take the whole plotter apart to clean it?
    Do I have to replace a sensor?

    If there is anymore information that you might be able to give me about fixing this problem I'd really appreciate it.

    Thank's again for responding.

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    Junior Member
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    May 2005
    It means the toner density voltage is either too high or too low.You need to go into the service mode and set the toner sensor value to around 115 the run a print and see if its too light or dark on toner.that should give you a starting point

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    Junior Member
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    Jul 2005
    Thanks for responding lobster.

    I hope that'll work but I have another problem now.
    The company I am working for bought the OCE 9400 used and hasn't needed to get into the configuration setup until now. Unfortunatly I am the one to discover that the previous owners have put a p*ssword on the service mode.
    Is there any way to reset this p*ssword?
    Or is there a universal p*ssword for all OCE 9400s to get into the service mode?

    Any information on how to hack into this thing would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. #6
    Junior Member
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    Jul 2005
    According to the manual you can access sds by doing the following:
    SDS user interface of the printer

    The purpose of the Service Diagnostic System (SDS) is to support the service technician in identifying the causes of errors and to provide information on the errors. It is also an important tool for adjustments and installation.

    The SDS tests are divided into the following categories:

    l input tests

    l separate output tests

    l combined output tests

    l special tests

    l adjustments

    l print head

    SDS tests cl*ssification

    Level 0
    In level 0 you select a test group and go to level 1.

    Level 1
    In level 1 you select a specific test from a test group and go to level 2.

    Level 2
    In level 2 the selected test is active.

    Operating the SDS
    left and right button: to make a selection.
    next/selection button: to activate or confirm a selection.
    previous button: to deactivate a selection

    Selecting SDS

    1 Press the PREVIOUS and NEXT/SELECTION buttons at the same time and switch on the machine.
    l You are now in the panel test. The MRE which occurred last is also displayed.

    2 Press the PREVIOUS button.
    l You now are in level 0.

    Leaving SDS
    Switch the machine OFF and ON

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    Jul 2005
    Thanks marathon!
    You did it. I went into adjustments, then Toner Dose and tested to see where it was at.
    The number value went up to over 120 then slowly decreased to 110.
    I stopped the test after about 5 min.
    Turned the plotter back on and **BING** it works.
    I was able to print the configuration of the plotter and print a demo plot.

    Unfortanatly my adventure isn't over
    The plotter wants to think that Roll 1 is empty, regardless of how much paper is actually on Roll 1.
    Also I'm having trouble printing from my computer.
    The plotter says READY but the computer says that it's busy. Any Ideas?

    I have downloaded the latest drivers for Windows XP and have installed them onto the host computer. I then shared the plotter(the computer calls it a printer) over the network so that the computer with the CAD program can print to it. That computer sends the print but the host computer just sits there saying that it's printing then after a while it just says, "Printer Busy." The plotter just says READY through the whole thing.

    I have connected the Plotter to the computer using the cable we received when we bought the plotter. it connects into the computer's LPT1 port.

    Thanks everybody for your time and reading this post.
    Any ideas would be great.
    Thanks again marathon, that last post was great!

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    Junior Member
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    Jul 2005
    I figured out my stupid mistake with communicating with the plotter.
    I switched the cables for the computer connection and the scanner connection. After I switch the two cables the plotter talks to the computer just fine.
    I just made a noob mistake.

    However, the plotter is still saying that Roll 1 is empty even though there is a very full roll of paper on it. so any ideas with how to fix that would be great.

    Thanks everybody for reading and helping me through fix. And thanks again marathon for your last post, the SDS made all the difference.

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    Jul 2006
    The most likely cause of this error is the white plastic bearings that contact the roll that the paper goes on. remove the paper roll from the top drawer & check those bearings, if they are broken they will need to be replaced. One of them has a washer that keep the bearing from spinning, this is the brake bearing & stops the roll from spinning. If the bearings are not broken, there is a wheel that has a round orange belt on it. This wheel has to contact the paper roll if it doesn't it could give the roll empty error also.

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    Aug 2006
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Turn paper roll backwards to the (2) oval holes, check the paper motor if it’s transporting the paper over the metal strip (strip under the cutter blade) if the paper get stuck under the metal strip this can cause the roll empty error also. (adjust metal strip).




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