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SERVICE Sp problem Trouble arrow Sc Error +RESET problem arrow Epson c1100 errors 527 537 511, C1002, C0004 c1082

Epson c1100 errors 527 537 511, C1002, C0004 c1082
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Epson c1100 error E527, C1002, C0004

all codes here

  •  c0004
  •  c1002 Standard RAM error (standard size is undefined, etc.)
  •   E547  carousel not turns, motor, board, wires, Feed Motor Failure ??
    - DRIVE ASSY FEED (Feed Motor) of the Feeder is not rotating at the specified speed
  •  Error  C2011 ...software...scan +adf... moves....with noise....


FSupport Home > Epson AcuLaser CX11NF > Troubleshooting

fuser trouble===   is E537,   537 is listed as FUSER FAIL:

Μηνύματα σφάλματος

  Error message "Service Req E527" with Epson C1100 CX11 CX21

This error message "Service Req E527" means that the toner carousel housing the toner

cartridges is obstructed, or is unable to rotate correctly. It can be caused by installing

a toner cartridge incorrectly.

Solution 1:

  • Check that the toner cartridge at the front of the printer is installed correctly.

Solution 2: Manualy remove all of the toner cartridges.
  1. Close all the covers, and then power the printer off.
  2. Open Cover B, and then remove the photoconductor unit (PCU).
  3. Turn the toner carousel by hand to line up a toner cartridge with the front of the printer.
  4. Open Cover A.
  5. If the toner cartridge is not in position to remove it, close Cover A and repeat the steps above.
  6. Remove the toner cartridge, and then close Cover A.
  7. Repeat all the steps above until you have removed all four toner cartridges.
  8. Reinstall the PCU.
  9. Close all the covers, and then power on the printer.
  10. Open Cover A and Cover B.
  11. Check thoroughly for any jammed paper, foreign objects or damaged parts.
  12. If you can locate an obstruction, remove it. Then, close all the covers and restart the printer again.
  13. If you can identify any damaged parts, there is an obstruction you cannot remove, or there is no change after restarting the printer, then contact Epson for further advice.
  14. Reinstall the toner cartridges (Follow the prompts on the LCD display), and then test the printer.



  Sep 17, 2007

E537 is listed as FUSER FAIL:

? Control Thermistor detected a temperature exceeding the specified temperature.
Safety Thermistor detected a temperature exceeding the specified temperature.
? The Control Thermistor did not detect a Ready even though the specified time elapsed from Main Lamp ON at Warm Up.
? The Main Lamp continues to stay lit even after time specified for the Main Lamp elapsed after the Control Thermistor detected a
? The Control Thermistor detected a temperature below the specified temperature even after the specified time elapsed from Main
Lamp ON at Warm Up.
? The latch lever of FUSER ASSY is set incorrectly.

You should replace the fuser unit. If the error remain after changing the fuser you need to take the machine for service as the error may relate to the power supply units.


 Hi.. To fix the E527 error, close the front panel (cover A) and open the top cover (cover B). With the photoconductor unit removed, the toner carousel will rotate. It only rotates if cover A is closed all the way. You can easily rotate the carousel to a position where you can remove/reinstall the toner cartridge if stuck.

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 In my experience C1002 is a RAM error. Unless you are very brave/technically minded I would recommend contacting Epson/a technician for this one.

 Antwort #1von svelam7017.09.2008, 21:55 UhrAuszug aus den Servicemanual:

Service Req C1002 Standard RAM error (standard size is undefined, etc.)

Possible parts that caused the error:


Check of Standard ROM-DIMM
1. Check whether the installed ROM-DIMM
is the specified one and is securely
connected. (Remove it once and reinstall it
Does the error occur?
To Step [2] End of
2 Replace the Standard ROM-DIMM
1. Replace the Standard ROM-DIMM.
Does the error occur?
To Step [3] End of
3 External noise
1. Check the surrounding of the printer for
electrical equipment.
2. Disconnect all cables connected to the
printer, except the AC cable, and make
operation check.
Does the error occur?
Replace the
End of




EPSON AcuLaser CX11/CX11F
Panel Messaeg
Service Req C0256
Service Req C0257
Service Req C0258
Service Req C0800
Service Req C0998
Service Req C0999
Service Req C1002
Service Req C1010
Service Req C1020
Service Req C1021
Service Req C1120
Service Req C1121
Service Req C1122
Service Req C1123
Service Req C1200
Service Req C1210
Service Req C1400
Service Req C1500
Service Req C1550
Service Req C1600
Service Req C1610
Service Req C1800
Service Req C1999
Service Req C2000
Table 3-11. List of Service Request
CPU error (divide by 0)
CPU error (arithmetic overflow)
CPU error (break occurrence)
IPL error (controller defect)
Engine communication error (only when power-on)
Engine flash ROM has no program data
Standard RAM error (standard size is undefined, etc.)
Verification error
RAM error (slot 0)
RAM error (slot 1)
ROM checksum error (bit 0 to 7) (program)
ROM checksum error (bit 8 to 15) (program)
ROM checksum error (bit 16 to 23) (program)
ROM checksum error (bit 24 to 31) (program)
EEPROM writing error
EEPROM writing times limit
Engine initialization error
CCNV hardware error
Initialization hardware error for SRAM for compression
Video series hardware error (including PWM IC calibration error)
Video series hardware error (VCNV error)
Illegal SPD
Other hardware errors
Software error




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