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ΕΓΓΥΗΣΗ ΤΕΛΟΣ ? ...όχι. Guarranty ends ? ...no.
ΕΓΓΥΗΣΗ ΤΕΛΟΣ ? ...όχι. Guarranty ends ? ...no. Περισσότερα

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Fuser unit cl7100 cl7200 7528 used units in stock!
Fuser unit cl7100 cl7200 7528 used units in stock! Περισσότερα

after FORMAT my PC can't Print hp Dj 500...
after FORMAT my PC can't Print hp Dj 500... Περισσότερα

after w10 Updates Konica c252 can't Scan but can print
after w10 Updates Konica c252 can't Scan but can print Περισσότερα

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New added ...Προιοντα, arrow Konica c250 Malfunction detected c2557

Konica c250 Malfunction detected c2557
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 Konica c250 Malfunction detected c2557  MAGENTA toner END



darck_teck 18 Solutions November 10, 2009

ok il start by saying that my english is veryyyy bad.
ok so the developer is guarantied for 80000 copies but i seen 200k with a new dev. (developer type dv310) after some of the developer is lost in the copying proses the ac-dc sensor detects that the concentration is rong and it shows the C2557 error thats wen the error is shown by the copier . solving it is simple you can replace the dev. and run F8 mode if it dosent work manually ajust the acdc to a lower value (lower value means that is les tonner in the dev. hyer value more tonner obviously ) , 0r leave the old dev. in it and ajut the acdc to about 180 (you can ajust to 180 take out the tonner botle make some black copies(30) and put back the tonner bottle and adjust to a lower value that works) . The problem can also apear if the copier docent supply tonner so check that first . Entering the service menu is simple pres utility > (toch screen) original size> (kepad) stop>0>0>stop>0>1 the password from the manufacturer is 00000000 , in the service menu select tech mode in ther yowl find the different start modes F8,F... , and you have printer select printer and acdc adjustment , pres C to clear the value and via keypad enter the desired value . THE REST IS UP TU YOU MY FRIEND . CAUTION IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT A LASER COPIER DONT EVEN ENTER THE SERVICE MODE CAUSE YOU CAN DO MENY WRONGS IN THE COPIER . GOOD LUCK



joee_40 2 solutions Nov 27, 2008

This is a problem whit the black toner make sure there is toner left and that the cartrigde opens when you insert it in the copier. try to remove the tape covering the tonerpipe on the backside of the toner cartridge.




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