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how to setup Kyocera 300i, Network Print & Scan to SMB
how to setup Kyocera 300i, Network Print & Scan to SMB Περισσότερα

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Colortrac smart LF GX+ T42
Colortrac smart LF GX+ T42 Περισσότερα

Έκπτωση: 5.00%
ανανεωστε το Τυμπανο Kyocera KM2050, 1635, DC2120
 ανανεωστε το Τυμπανο Kyocera KM2050, 1635, DC2120 Περισσότερα

400ci fax send
400ci fax send Περισσότερα

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New added ...Προιοντα, arrow Change resolution in Windows XP w/keyboard

Change resolution in Windows XP w/keyboard
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Change your screen resolution

Make your documents easier to read by adjusting the screen resolution of your monitor

(if your monitor supports more than one screen resolution option).

Lower screen resolution makes items appear larger.

Or you can set your pixel count higher to make items smaller,

allowing you to display more information on your screen.

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To change your screen resolution using your keyboard

  1. Display the Start menu by pressing Ctrl+Esc (or the Windows logo key). Then open Control Panel by pressing C.

  2. In Control Panel, make sure you are in Classic View, with all Control Panel

  3.  icons showing. If not, go to the left pane of Control Panel and open

  4. Switch to Classic View by pressing Tab and then Enter. Press the arrow keys to move to Display, and then press Enter.

  5. In the Display Properties dialog box, move to the Settings tab

  6. by pressing Ctrl+Tab. Press Alt+S to reach the Screen Resolution box.

  7.  Select a screen resolution value by pressing the Right Arrow or the Left Arrow key, and then press Enter.

  8. Close Control Panel by pressing Alt+F, C.










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