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ΑΝΤΑΛΛΑΚΤΙΚΑ, Parts /item arrow +Belts, driving belts, chains+ arrow Belts, driving belts, chains arrow Hp Dj 450c Belt, C4713A, 24in, C-4705-60082

Hp Dj 450c Belt, C4713A, 24in, C-4705-60082
Τιμή Μονάδος (τεμ.): €25.00

Hp Dj 450c Belt, C4713A, 24'', C-4705-60082 #18.J-4137,   ORIGINAL PART

Hp 430 C4713A 24'', Belt, driving belt, C4705-60082. Hp 450c

διατιθεται και συμβατο(καλό), στα 1/2 της τιμης ...ρωτηστε μας >


 430, 430c, 250c, 330

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HP 430 C4716A 36''  Belt, driving belt, C4706-60082.


Απλουστερη διαδικασια χωρις επικiνδυνες κινησεις

 c4715A  24''  for Hp 450c

Actual Pulley to Pulley Belt Length is 37 inches

HP Designjet parts # C4705-60082 replaces Part# C3190-40048, is used in the

DesignJet Plotter models listed below

DesignJet 250C, (D-size), C3190A,  
DesignJet 750C, (D-size), C3195A,  
DesignJet 230, (D-size), C4694A,  
DesignJet 350C, (D-size), C4699A,  
DesignJet 330, (D-size), C4701A,  
DesignJet 700, (D-size), C4705A,  
DesignJet 700, (24-inch), C4705B,  
DesignJet 750C Plus, +, (D-size), C4708A,  
DesignJet 750CPlus, (24-inch), C4708B, C4708BR,  
DesignJet 430, (D-size), C4713A, C4713AR,  
DesignJet 450C, (D-size), C4715A, C4715AR,  
DesignJet 455CA, (D-size), C6080A, C6080AR,  
DesignJet 488CA, (D-size), C6082A, C6082AR,  
DesignJet 450C, (D-size - Italy), C6086A,  

C470560082, hp450 belt, hp450c belt, 24" carriage belt, 450c x-axis drive belt, plotter

carriage drive belts, carriage belt dj 450, 750c+, hp designjet 750 c d/a1 belt, carriage

belt hp350c

 HP DesignJet 430 C4713A, HP DesignJet 230 C4694A, HP DesignJet 250C C3190A, .

HP DesignJet 330 C4701A, HP DesignJet 350C C4699A, HP DesignJet 430 C4713AR,

HP DesignJet 450C C4715A, HP DesignJet 450C C4715AR, HP DesignJet 455CA C6080A,

HP DesignJet 455CA C6080AR, HP DesignJet 488CA C6082A, HP DesignJet 488CA C6082AR,

HP DesignJet 700 C4705A, HP DesignJet 700 C4705B, HP DesignJet 750C C3195A,

HP DesignJet 750C Plus C4708A, HP DesignJet 750C Plus C4708B,

HP DesignJet 750C Plus C4708BR

C4705-60082 Comes complete with Removal and Replacement Guide on CD




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