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SERVICE Sp problem Trouble arrow Sc Error +RESET problem arrow C-D370 error code for Copier KONICA-MINOLTA C252

C-D370 error code for Copier KONICA-MINOLTA C252

C-D370 error code for Copier KONICA-MINOLTA C252
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C-D370 error code for Copier KONICA-MINOLTA C252

  μια konica c 250. Έχει βγάλει error D370. (NVRAM), και θέλει reset.

C250 error code C-D370 - CopyTechNet.com

C-D370 error code for Copier KONICA-MINOLTA C252

NVRAM Data multiple errors
Multiple errors (Over 5) are detected by the
abnormal check of each NVRAM data.

Try to reset the machine like this: power it off from the main switch, keep the Utility/Counter button pressed, power it on, keep pressed the Utility button until on the touch screen appears Trouble/Reset button. Press the button on the touch screen, power it of and the on.
If this way is not working, you should do a NVRAM reset procedure. In the worst case scenario, you'll have to change the NVRAM, you'll loose all the counters.

I have a code c-d370. I did a reset,its in English but the - JustAnswer


How to troubleshoot C-D370 (CD370). - bizhub C250 - Techinn

C-D370 error code for Copier KONICA-MINOLTA C252 - Copier ...

 This has to do with what they call NAVRAM IS C
To troubleshoot the error:
1. Reset the code by pressing stop-0-7-1-3-9. This will display a "*" on the LCD. Press this button.
2. Perform a Data Clear
and then perform the Setup Procedures from the beginning.
3. Perform a NVRAM Recovery Procedure. Please see attached document.

To view the PDF, Adobe Reader® must be installed. Adobe Reader® can be downloaded for free from RRUPTED/need to be reset BUT that will clear all the current setting especially if print to it.if you are willing to try ....
you should have a Tech do this...

good luck


1. Touch the following code on the trouble code display screen.

(buton) Stop 0 7 1 3 9
2. [*] will be displayed on the trouble code screen.
3. Touch [*].
4. The screen will be shifted to the data restoration screen to perform data restoration.
• When the restoration is performed in a short time, data restoration screen may not
be displayed.
5. Check the message which indicates that the data restoration was successfully conducted.
Turn Main power OFF, and wait for ten seconds or more to turn it back ON



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