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SERVICE Sp problem Trouble arrow Sc Error +RESET problem arrow Fs-1118mfp Scanner USB installation, Error 1628 fails to...

Fs-1118mfp Scanner USB installation, Error 1628 fails to...
Τιμή Μονάδος (τεμ.): Προσφέρετε τιμή Αγοράς

 trying to instal driver TWAIN_WiseCore_1.3.1819  in w7...

 1628: failed to complete installation

try to instal clp twain driver    2015-01-15

is ok in w7 


reset error  c6000    DC2018 reset



or  help




You are here:  Home  >  Troubleshooting  >  Installshield Error 1628: Failed to Complete Script-Based Install

Installshield Error 1628: Failed to Complete Script-Based Installation

The following error message can occur at run time when you are trying to uninstall, repair, or update an installation.

Error 1628: Failed to complete script based install.

This error message is caused by the Windows Installer Service and is often caused by the installation itself.

Possible Cause 1

This error message is often caused when the uninstallation log file becomes corrupt. This can happen if the installation is somehow corrupt.

Fix:  In the Windows Task Manager, end the process that is running IDriver.exe:

  1. Right-click the Windows Task bar, then click Task Manager.

  2. On the Processes tab, click the Image Name column to sort it alphabetically.

  3. Review the running processes to see if idriver.exe is running.

  4. If idriver.exe is running, click it or right-click it, then click End Process.

Run the installation again to see if the error still occurs.

Possible Cause 2

This error can also occur if the Windows Installer Service is not properly configured on your computer or if the installation is created with a newer version of the Windows Installer Service than the one on your computer.

Fix:  To fix this issue, install the latest Windows Installer Service on your computer. Instructions and download links for the Windows Installer are listed below, sorted by operating system.

Restart your computer and run the installation again to see if the error continues to occur.

Possible Cause 3

This error message may also occur if a file in the Temp directory is conflicting with the files used by the installation while it is running.

Fix:  Delete the entire contents of the Temp directory:

  1. Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, or right-click Start, then click Explore.

  2. Navigate to the Temp directory, for example, C:WindowsTemp.

  3. Click in the directory, then right-click and click Select All (or CTRL+A).

  4. On the toolbar, click Delete or right-click the selection, then click Delete (or CTRL+X). A confirmation message appears.

  5. Click Yes.

Run the installation again to see if the issue is resolved.




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