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PARTs by BRAND, Model, item

Actuators, Lock, Levers, Holders

Bearings, bushings, Ρουλεμάν

Belts, driving belts, chains

Blades Φωτ/κών (drum, transfer)

Cables & Harness

Clutch, magnetic clutch.

Coronas, Charge, Tr/Sep. block

Developers, Starters.

Development units, parts, etc

Doc. Feeder parts & bypass parts

Electric components, Ηλεκτρικά

Electronic parts, Ηλεκτρονικά.

Feed rollers, Ροδάκια Χαρτ.

Fingers, strippers, fuser

Fuser rollers & Fuser belts

Fuser units, Φούρνοι Μονάδες

Fuser, Varius Parts

Gears, driving assy, etc.

Lamps, Heaters, Exposure

Miscellaneus products

Motors, step motors.

Reset Chip, ink, Imaging, etc

Sensors, Photosensors

Silicon Oil, Oil cartridges

Stapples, cutters, Other parts

Thermal controls & thermistors
Transfer Units, Μονάδες Εκτυπ.

Web & cleaning Rollers,  

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